Whenever we talk about <alchimy> in the sense of searching or transfomation, of metamorphosis or

developement, of increased perception, research or interest - and when we consider these qualities as aspects of

the <alchimy> - then this idiom contributes to Murielle Argouds intentions


She experiences the primordial process of development in the encounter, the struggle and the conflation and

Murielle Argouds experiences inspiration by the given materials. And Murielle Argoud experiences inspirations

by the given materials.

The artist takes the origin of her themes from the inspiration by penetrating and interfusing elements at the transitions of water, air and light or by reflections on objects. The inspiration leads to the primordial processes and fullfills a deep metamorphosis.

Murielle Argoud realises her themes with the means of expression like sand, gold, lava and the pigments she uses. These materials are old symbols which also lead to the primordial processes and to experiences on higher levels.

Murielle Argoud abandons the concrete objects an she has a fantastic way of transcending the material aspect of the materials she uses in the paintings. They put themselves unselfish decently in th background:

Lava, melted stone, carbonised an hardened, this unique black leads to the depth, to the primordial ground, to the all including including inicial beginning. Sand represents and reflects all: Being, becomming and passing, duration

and volatilité, strength and infirmity, humanity, microcosm and macrocosm.

An in the interspace, the Artist interwaves in a wonderful way the differnt pigments like a rainbow of conjunction, coherence an untiy. Structures in the paintings support these processes with build um, balancing, condensating, dramatizing, calming, talking or keeping silent, aloud or gent, unitary or oppositinal, in different ways, but never indifferent!

Murielle Argoud is a Master of transitions, of transformations and development and - admiring her paintings, you become aware of this in every small detail. Colours and light pour out of the paintings and the possibility of a profound an in the same time sublime contemplation develops in the soul of the beholder.

Hans Peter Müller-Boada,

Introduction Galerie Rosenhofraum 2010